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Welcome to our New Website!

It’s been under wraps for months as a few of our volunteers have been hard at work on it, and today, we announce our new website!

The goals with this new website were simple:

  1. We wanted a more streamlined experience as you navigate the site; making it easier to find what you want, and ensuring we have more updated information and images throughout the site. In addition to that, we wanted our mobile experience to be improved so the site looks great and is easy to use no matter what type of device you’re viewing it on.
  2. We wanted a more flexible membership platform then we previously used, and we have certainly achieved that! Although the member area is quite simple to start, you’ll begin to notice more and more exclusive content when you login to your member account here! You’ll get pre-release copies of some of the long form video series’ we release, exclusive blog posts and content that non-members won’t always get access to, and other exclusive member perks as time goes on! Our new system opens many doors we’ve never had before, and we look forward to trying it all out!
  3. The new systems we are using for our website will also lower our web hosting costs, allowing more of that money to be directed into the jets – our main focus with all of our funds.

We welcome your feedback! Don’t hesitate to use our Contact Us page to send us website suggestions and ideas, or to point out any problems or frustrations you may have with it!