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Cadet Aviation Dream Flight Program


To promote and increase awareness of the important role that aviation can play in the lives of Canada’s youth. This program is to be run in such a way to give motivation to young people to become further involved in the many different facets of the aviation industry. Young people who are interested in this program will ideally also be engaged with the community improvement projects as well as excelling in aviation studies.

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The award will be presented to a cadet or cadets who have contributed in a significant way through leadership and attendance to community events. These community events must assist Waterloo Warbirds achieving its mission goals.

Examples of these events are Remembrance Day, poppy sales, fundraising for charities, etc. 

The cadet that is selected to receive the dream flight will be taken flying in one of our classic jet aircraft. At this time is that the cadet selected will take a flight in the aircraft on a date that is mutually agreeable to the cadet/guardians, the Cadet Development Centre, and Waterloo Warbirds.

The flight will be 25min in duration and includes the mandatory preflight briefing video and in-cockpit demonstration to ensure the cadet is able to safely perform the required tasks to the satisfaction of the pilot conducting the flight. 

Flight Award Criteria: 

– Age Restriction: 16 Years old
– Height Restriction: Minimum 5’ to a maximum of 6’ 4″
– Weight Restriction: Maximum 250 lb.
– Cadet Community attendance & volunteering
– Mandatory attendance of aircraft ground school

 **Partnership is with the Cadet Youth Development Centre. Waterloo Warbirds is not affiliated with the Cadet League

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