Flight Experiences

At Waterloo Warbirds, you can fly a real fighter jet from the Cold War! We currently offer four different Classic Jets to choose from: the T-33, L-29, Vampire and MiG-15, as well as our legendary WWII trainer the North American Harvard! Our flying season is from warm weather to cold weather! During this time, we are busy flying passengers who come from all over the world to fly at our Base of Operations at the Region of Waterloo International Airport. As a requirement for all flights, you must be a member of Waterloo Warbirds to fly in one of our aircraft. Memberships can be purchased in the Join Us section of the website or in the store when purchasing a flight.

Your ride starts with a briefing; an introduction to the jet, the aircraft systems, and safety equipment and procedures. Your flight experience will last 30 minutes, with approximately 20 minutes of airborne time. The flight begins with the rumble of the jet engine starting, a quick taxi, and then lift off!

Operating at speeds up to 650km/hr and altitudes of up to 12,000ft, you and your pilot will be at the controls of a beautiful historic jet aircraft. During your flight, you will perform low level passes, overhead breaks, rolls (if desired!) and feel the onset of the G’s as you are pressed into your seat! Your pilot may even give you the opportunity to take the controls and perform some gentle maneuvers too!

After the flight, it’s time for pictures and a quick debrief with your pilot about the flight. You will be awarded your certificate and a digital copy of the video of your flight will arrive in the days following to ensure you never forget this once in a lifetime opportunity!