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Waterloo Warbirds receives absolutely no government funding or grants to keep these incredible pieces of history, and the stories they tell, alive and flying. We are an entirely volunteer-based organization with privately owned aircraft. The only way we can continue to demonstrate these historic aircraft for generations to come and to tell the stories of the aircraft and the brave men and women who flew and maintained them alive is through your help! By becoming an ally, we invite you to join our organization in a way that broadens your Waterloo Warbirds experience, enhances our ability to build a sustainable organization for the years to come; while growing our Squadrons, public awareness and extending the life of our fleet. Your funds will not only help keep history and it’s stories alive, but will inspire future generations of aviators in every child who can see these aircraft flying or on the ground at a show. Consider being an ally today! We don’t ask for much, and every little bit will directly help support our mission!

As a Sierra Squadron participant, you are part of the driving force that supports and enables Waterloo Warbirds to continue their work maintaining and restoring our fleet of aircraft to its highest standard.

It is with financial support from the Sierra Squadron that our organization is able to complete missions, projects, outreach in education, activities that honour veterans and continue to grow within the industry. This mission focused Squadron believes in our key mandates to honour, educate and keep history flying proudly in today’s skies.