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Waterloo Warbirds is an entirely volunteer-run organization with privately owned aircraft. We receive absolutely no external funding or grants to keep these incredible pieces of history, and the stories they tell, alive and flying. It is through your support that we are able to keep these aircraft in the air to make aviation history tangible and inspire future generations of aviators.

As a donor, you are part of the driving force that supports and enables Waterloo Warbirds to continue our work maintaining and restoring our fleet of aircraft to its highest standard, and telling the stories of the men and women who flew and maintained these aircraft.

Every contribution makes a difference to our team. Whether you choose to support Waterloo Warbirds with a one-time donation or through our Ally Program100% of your donation goes toward the operation, maintenance, and restoration of our fleet of historic aircraft and allows us to complete missions, projects, outreach in education, activities that honour veterans and our community, and continue to grow within the industry.

Each aircraft requires a passionate and committed team to keep it flying. We are proud to have you as part of that team!