Your MiG-15 Flight Experience Day

The only place in North America to fly in a MiG-15!

Your day starts with a safety briefing followed by a verbal test and question period. Then, you are off to pull on your flightsuit, (after a bathroom break) and prepare for your flight. You may be waiting prior to your flight depending on your time slot. You get to enjoy the excitement, sounds and seeing the crew and pilots prepare for flight, until your time slot arrives. The flight experience will last 30 minutes from taxi out to taxi in. The flight begins with a rumble of the jet engine start-up, a quick taxi out, and then lift off; your flight is underway!

Operating at speeds up to 650km/hr and altitudes of up to 12,000ft you and your pilot will be at the controls of a beautiful, historic jet aircraft. During your flight you will be able to enjoy low level passes, overhead breaks, and aileron rolls; while feeling the onset of G’s as you are pressed into your seat.

BUT, the flight is yours to experience. This is not a scripted routine. Once the wheels tuck up into the jet, the flight is between you and your pilot. Take it as it unfolds to determine your level of thrill. You are in constant contact with your pilot to share what works for you, and what does not.

At the Pilot’s discretion you may be able to get a feel for the flight attributes of the jet and ‘take the stick’ for a moment. Do not take it personally should the Pilot decline. The Pilot is making the safest decisions based on numerous factors happening during the flight.

After the flight it is time for pictures and a quick debrief with your pilot. You will be awarded your certificate.