Changing MiG-15 and L29 Aircraft Markings

In an effort to recognize the current turmoil enveloping Ukraine, Waterloo Warbirds has decided to change the current Soviet-era Russian markings on our classic Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin and MiG-15 UTI to Ukrainian Air Force (L-29) and Polish Air Force (MiG-15 UTI).  
“I feel this is the right thing to do at this critical moment in time,” said Richard Cooper, the owner of both aircraft.  Changing the MiG-15 to Polish Air Force markings denotes an actual historic assignment of this aircraft, which flew for the Polish Air Force from the mid-1950’s to 1992.  Changing the L-29 to Ukrainian Air Force markings recognizes that this aircraft type was operated by the Ukrainian Air Force after the breakup of the former Soviet Union in 1991.  

Significant assistance in changing the aircraft markings was provided by Fleet Image Inc. of Ayr, Ontario.
Waterloo Warbirds remains committed to honouring those who have served in aviation in Canada and beyond, and supportive of those struggling for their sovereignty in Ukraine.  

The markings will be changed the morning of Friday, March 25, 2022.
For any who wish to provide direct support for those in Ukraine who have realized significant hardships resulting from the current conflict, please consider a donation to the charity of your choice. Two significant charities supporting humanitarian efforts in the Ukraine include the United Nations Refugee Agency and the World Health Organization.

Anyone wishing to consider a ride in either of these newly marked aircraft to help support their continued operation is encouraged to visit our Flight Experiences page.