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This Wednesday, November 11th, we will be honouring all those who have served and continue to serve our country with two flyovers over cemeteries and cenotaphs around the Region of Waterloo and City of Guelph. 

Andrej is our Chief AME and oversees all maintenance activities for our team. Beyond scheduled maintenance, he has led some of our most major projects like rebuilding the MiG’s braking system and the panel replacement currently underway on the Vampire. Andrej sat down with us to give us a glimpse into the role of Chief AME, share some of his most memorable aviation experiences, and offer advice for aspiring aviation maintenance technicians.

There is nothing more exciting than hearing the roar of a jet engine and seeing multiple jets fly by in formation. If you’ve seen our recent flyovers or caught us at an air show, this will be a familiar sight. What may be less apparent is all the work that goes into planning and successfully executing the formations our pilots make look so effortless! Join us as we walk through each step of planning and executing a formation flight, from before the planes take off to after their wheels touch down.

l Clark is our Crew Chief and oversees everything we do on the ground. A key member of Waterloo Warbirds since day one, Al has led numerous achievements with the team and has developed a great crew. He has flown in jet aircraft, attended shows across Canada and the US, and forged a bond with other like-minded individuals that he could only dream about as a young aviation enthusiast. Al sat down with us to give a glimpse into life on the ramp and share some of his favourite aviation moments.

When you look up in anticipation of hearing a roar go across the sky, or catch a glimpse of the aircraft as it zooms overhead, have you ever wondered what is involved in making that flyover happen? Let us look at the process involved in making those few seconds so very memorable. With our upcoming flyover on May 12th, 2020, here is what went into the planning...