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Jenna is our Health and Safety Coordinator, helping to make sure we have the necessary systems and training in place to deliver safe and successful flights every time. She sat down with us to talk about the critical role health and safety plays in an aviation environment, the importance a strong team makes to safety, and to share her advice to anyone interested in aviation!

A member of Waterloo Warbirds since day one, Steve is a dedicated member of our marketing, IT, and ground crew teams, helping support the organization's growth both on and off the ramp. Steve sat down with us to share his experiences as a founding member of the team, walk us through the many hats he wears, and offer advice to fellow aviation lovers looking to take their passion to the next level.

Meet Derek, our President, Director of Flight Operations, and pilot of our T-33, Vampire, and L29. The founder of our team, Derek has been involved in getting our historic aircraft in the air since day one. He sat down with us to share some background on how Waterloo Warbirds came to be, share some of his most memorable aviation experiences, and offer advice to aspiring aviators. 

This Wednesday, November 11th, we will be honouring all those who have served and continue to serve our country with two flyovers over cemeteries and cenotaphs around the Region of Waterloo and City of Guelph. 

Andrej is our Chief AME and oversees all maintenance activities for our team. Beyond scheduled maintenance, he has led some of our most major projects like rebuilding the MiG’s braking system and the panel replacement currently underway on the Vampire. Andrej sat down with us to give us a glimpse into the role of Chief AME, share some of his most memorable aviation experiences, and offer advice for aspiring aviation maintenance technicians.